Self Care Shop is an organic perfumery and beauty clinic. We opened in 2008 in the cosy shopping streed Nordre Frihavnsgade in Copenhagen East, Denmark.

The store is an inspirering oasis of Scandinavian quality products within skin care, makeup, hair care and supplements. Here you can always get self-care advice by our skin therapists. You can also shop all our products online.

In the beauty clinic, we work with our hands and knowledge. Our experienced skin specialists have many years of clinic experience and continuing education on an ongoing basis. This secures that we always can offer the best treatment for you. All treatments end with self-care advice. The skin experience changes constantly and is affected by the season, age, nutrition, lifestyle, medicine usage, hormonal development, etc. Our skin specialists will guide you, so you always will have the right products for your skin. 

Enjoy your self-care in Self Care Shop.