Shipping Conditions...



Orders placed before 1 pm Monday-Friday will be shipped the same day unless the product is in backorder.


DELIVERY WITHIN EUROPE (Group 1: Belgiun, Netherlands, Luxenbourgh, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Sweden, Germany, Austria) (GLS Private Parcel)
Orders over 94 €                              Free
Orders under 94 €                            10 €
Expected delivery 2-3 days. 


DELIVERY WITHIN EUROPE (Group 2: Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, France, Faroe Island, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Litania, Norway, Polen, Portugal, Rumania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech, Hungary) (GLS Private Parcel)
Orders over 200 €                             Free 
Orders under 200 €                            19 €
Expected delivery 4-8 days.

DELIVERY WITHIN EUROPE (Group 3: Andorra, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Iceland, Croatia, Malta, Serbia, Turkey) (GLS Private Parcel)
Orders over 333 €                             Free 
Orders under 333 €                           33 €
Expected delivery 4-8 days.


DELIVERY WITHIN EUROPE (United Kingdom) (with PostDenmark) NB! It is not possible to buy liquids (perfumes, deodorant, cleansers, etc) 
Fixd price                                            27 € 
Expected delivery 3-6 days.
We cannot ship liquid products (perfumes, mist, etc) to UK. 


DELIVERY OUTSIDE EUROPE (North America, South America, Australia, Asia & Africa) (with PostDenmark) NB! It is not possible to buy liquids (perfumes, deodorant, cleansers, etc) 
Fixed price                                          53 € 
Expected delivery 4-8 days.
We cannot ship liquid products (perfumes, mist, etc) to outside Europe. 


Pick up the package in a Package Store or at your workplace (with GLS)
Orders over 67 €                                Free

Orders under 67 €                              4 €
Expected delivery time is 1 day. There are parcel shops in all Danish cities. Package shops are often longer open than the Post Office.

Delivery at your home address (for Private Address) (with GLS)
Orders over 94 €                                Free
Orders under 94 €                               6 €
Expected delivery time is 1 day. A slightly more expensive service from GLS but more convenient for you.


In general
Ordered items will be shipped within 1 business day for orders before 14 - provided we have all items in stock. In some cases, two to three days extra delivery is required if the goods are to be ordered home first.


Self Care Shop cannot be held responsible for delays at GLS or Post Denmark. In the event of very late (several days) or decidedly missing deliveries, naturally sends a new delivery free of charge.

Self Care Shop reserves the right to cancel an order with utmost consequence, and thus not withdraw money into the customer's account. In these cases, you will be informed by email. mail.

Environmentally conscious shipping
Transport is a major environmental cost. Packaging is customized to fill as little as possible to reduce the amount of air transported. If a product from your order is delayed a few days, you will receive information about when we expect the product to come again and questions about whether you would like to wait with the entire delivery until the product has returned. This is to keep the number of shipments down - the choice is yours and if you do not want to wait for the other products they will of course be sent immediately. For this reason, we have a limit on freight-free delivery. To motivate you to collect your purchases, you are rewarded with free shipping on purchases over a certain amount.

Self Care Shop is an environmentally conscious company. These are some of the actions you as a customer will notice
• Package fills (chips) received in goods delivered to the company are used in packages that are sent out
• The packaging pack (chips) purchased for packaging is made from corn starch and is completely biodegradable (dissolves in water)
• Packages received in goods delivered to the company are used in packages that are sent out

The most common questions and answers:

I'm not home when the shipper delivers the package?
If you are not home at the time of delivery of the parcel, the carrier will deliver a banknote stating that you can pick up the parcel at the Post Office within 8 days. The package is then returned to the Self Care Shop.

I forgot to pick up my package at the post office, will you send it again?
Yes, we do that, so you pay for shipping again. Since the postage is very expensive in Denmark, it is not economically possible to return for free.

Can I have the package sent to another address?
You may want to send the package to a different address than your stated private address. This is done by ticking the box "Send the parcel to another address" when you enter your information where you will be able to enter the shipping address.

Do you also have a physical store?
Yes we have. We have a health shop, perfumery and beauty clinic in one and the same store in Østerbro. The address is

Self Care Shop
Nordre Frihavnsgade 25
2100 Copenhagen East
Tel. +45 7799 0695