Return policy / exchange policy


Self Care Shop provides 2 years of warranty under the Purchasing Act, which includes extensive defects that are found in the normal use of the product. The right of complaint does not cover defects, damage or wear, directly or indirectly caused by improper operation, poor maintenance, violence or unauthorized intervention. Complaints about defects and deficiencies must be notified to Self Care Shop within a reasonable time after the defect or defect has been discovered or should have been discovered. In connection with complaints cases, Self Care Shop pays return costs reasonably.

Complaints and return of goods
In case of errors, defects or any If no deliveries have been made, please contact:

Self Care Shop
Nordre Frihavnsgade 25
2100 Copenhagen East
Tel: 7799 0695


Goods return is also going to this address - please note that we do not receive parcels sent by COD (cash on delivery). It is not a requirement, but the expedition is promoted if complete information follows the package - eg copy of order confirmation and registration number for which reimbursement can take place, copy of any prior correspondence, etc.


In the case of agreed decorations, returned goods or prepaid goods which are canceled for shipment, a full or partial refund of the purchase price must be made. Refunds are usually always done by bank transfer, so the Self Care Shop needs information about the registration number and account number for your bank account.