Cocoon Tea Artisans

Cocoon Te Artisans...


The Danish brand Cocoon Tea Artisans by Tina Hueg have set themselves the goal of drawing the Western world's attention to the original tea plant Camellia Sinensis and inspiring us all to drink much more pure organic teas. The tea from Cocoon Tea Artisans is characterized by always being from the original plant, always consisting of organic whole leaves and always dosed in advance.

The pre-dosing in fine hand-packed pyramid-shaped bags from Cocoon Te Artisans means that you always get the optimal taste experience. The leaves of Cocoon Tea Artisans will never be available in bulk, as many tea drinkers often overdose when the tea is brewed. Tea is of such high quality that it can be poured several times, thus giving the optimal benefits of the leaves vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The tea pyramids from Cocoon Tea Artisans are packaged in fine tin cans that can be reused for many years and ensure that you get the optimal benefit from the health-giving properties of the tea because it is kept dark and airtight. Cocoon Tea Artisans avoid unnecessary use of cardboard and plastic that is not recycled by the consumer.