MK oil & Aronia juice

ABOUT MK Beauty Oils...


MK Beauty oils is a Danish company specialised in life-essential oils with functions on the beauty. MK Beauty Oils blends life-essential oils into extraordinary formulations that nourish the skin from the inside, making it clear, smooth and radiant. Each shot of MK goodness is sipped as part of the simplest possible daily skincare routine, and is boosted with our powerfully antioxidant MK Aronia juice to deliver beauty, energy and hormonal harmony.

The MK Aronia juice activates the aromatic seed oils’ precious anti-ageing properties, while delivering vital vitamins, minerals and bioflavenoids to the skin and body from within. Maybritt Krewald pioneered this nourishing system as a way to introduce the body to the optimal balance of potent omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that it can’t naturally produce.


Because when these fatty acids flow through our systems, they balance, boost and beautify the skin from within.

By hydrating, moisturising and rapidly regenerating cells, while calming inflammation and enhancing elasticity.

The result?
On the outside the skin looks and feels clear, smooth and radiant. On the inside the body feels calm, cared for and full of vitality.