Sustainability in Self Care Shop...


Self Care Shop supports sustainability the best we can.


Self Care Shop opened in 2008 at Østerbro, as an organic perfumery and beauty clinic, where from the start we chose to become a KLIMA + company. KLIMA + is a network for companies that want to reduce their impact on the climate. Behind the scheme is the Green Business in the City of Copenhagen. As a KLIMA + company, we work to reduce CO2 consumption through consideration of lighting, ventilation, refrigeration and freezing, heating, behavior and indirect emissions. As an environmentally conscious company, we introduced some environmentally friendly measures (minimizing print-outs where possible to save paper, recycling cardboard boxes, packing fills and chips, energy reduction where possible, etc.) into everyday routines and procedures.


It is a natural development for the Self Care Shop that today we support around the UN's 17 sustainability goals as far as we can. We know well that, as a small business, we do not have much influence on the large national accounts for sustainable development, but the more people contribute, the more likely it is that Denmark will achieve its goals.

The beauty industry is a relatively large industry. Danes spend about 7 billion DKK on cosmetics and beauty care. If the retail industry and manufacturers support sustainability, together we will have a significant impact on creating a sustainable society. At Self Care Shop, we are constantly working to develop in this direction.


We hope to inspire others to also support sustainability and enter into a joint dialogue for a sustainable beauty industry in Denmark


Michael Viscovich

Pharmacist and founder of Self Care Shop